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Let me share a true story…

A couple years ago when I was in third grade, I changed schools. Being a new student, there were people who would laugh at my bag, my looks, even my shoes…every second of the day!

I felt intimidated, sad, overwhelmed and I was constantly grouchy. As a result, I fought with my siblings more than before. Eventually I had a talk with my parents and told them everything I was passing through and they encouraged me to be patient that the right friends will come.

I listened to them…and yes, friends came!

By fourth grade I had plenty of friends and at last I felt less lonely and on top of the popularity line, just like I did in my old school. I was even listed among the CCP clique -Cute, Cool and Popular (Yeah, we copied Dork diaries a lot!).

Finally… I had arrived!

But, slowly I began to drop in my academics.
By the end of fourth grade I had dropped to 88% overall grade point average.

I was heart broken!

My Mom and I had a talk, she told me I was being distracted and she encouraged me to focus on what was more important.
I took her advice and by fifth grade I was learning to balance friendship and my studies, that meant changing some time-wasting habits and cutting down the time I spent hanging out with friends.

Then it hit me… I was at the bottom of the popularity line!
But for once, I didn’t care.

My grades were improving and soon i got a 91.44% grade point average….. yayy!!! I was doing things differently, changing my priorities and my study habits.

We all need change sometimes because if nothing ever changes, life will be boring. I mean, think about it… If someone didn’t see the need to CHANGE our transport systems, our legs would probably be sore almost every day from all the trekking.

So today go out and try to change some of the things you are used to doing, or change the way you do them.

Change something!

Remember you can’t keep doing the same things the same way and expect a different result. Like you can’t keep playing around in school and expect to get an A+. It just isn’t done!

Afterall, even the best athletes in the world change up their workout routines to get better results.

Why can’t you?

I hope this helped you.
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